Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pre-Construction meeting

Alright so I can check the pre-construction meeting off the list! Today at 9am we met Stephan, our PM. He had with him a binder that was about 5 inches thick with tons of papers and colored tabs. He is currently the PM for our community as well as another in the area. That's a lot of responsibility and I can't imagine walking a mile in his shoes. I have read a ton of blogs about people building with Ryan Homes and some of those people haven't been so easy on their PM. Anyways, Stephan explained how important getting all 10's on the survey is to him and RH. He said that if there is an issue, a question, a problem, or anything to let him know so that we could find a resolution. I'm glad to hear this because I'm big on communication. I have faith that he will do a great job - which is a good thing because we won't accept anything else :)

We discussed our selections and confirmed that everything was correct. We also covered the placement of things (furnace, sump, HWH, hose bibs, exterior outlets, additional outlets, AC unit).
The PM explained about the energy star qualities and how it will be a more efficient house. All of the info was good to know. I asked about the granite and if it was going to be sealed or not - the answer was no, so we will need to seal it ourselves. I also asked if I could go pick out my slab of granite - our SR has never been asked about this, so she is checking on it. Apparently the granite company is near my work, so it would be awesome if I can do this. I requested that the master bathroom mirror not be hung - this was no problem. I've already done a lot of research so this basically sums up the questions and concerns discussed at the meeting before heading to the lot.

Once we were at the lot the PM showed us our property lines and showed us where the drive way would be and where the house would begin and end. Then my husband and the PM went towards the rear part of he lot to discuss the drop off. The drop is about 5 or 6 feet and our property line continues about 100 ft past that point. We told him how having a nice yard was important to us because we have 4 kids that like to be outdoors. According to our PM we will be responsible for the area that is outside of the silt fence. So if we want to fully utilize our property we will most likely have to build a retaining wall and have dirt brought in. This will be a few years down the road because it sounds pricey. We are just waiting to see how much backyard we will have after the house starts to go up. I almost hate to do anything to the area because right now the area is full of trees and is pretty.

The best part of the meeting was hearing that they will excavate this week and our footers will be done by the end of next week - weather permitting of course. The concrete crew is behind due to all of the rain lately. Yesterday was the first time it hasn't rained and I think we were at 16 days straight, some of which was seriously heavy rain. As of today our delivery date is still the end of October/ 1st of November.

I feel so happy, excited, and above all...BLESSED! My family will finally have a home of our own and we can say so long to renting!

Rock on! This was delivered to our lot. Aren't the trees beautiful? There will never be anything built behind us either :)


  1. Pretty lot!! Once they start, it goes so fast! Before you know it you will be in!

  2. You'll have such a wonderful view out of the back of your house! Looking forward to watching your progress.

  3. Beautiful lot, love the trees. Do you have any idea how much they are going to cut out to build?

    1. They won't be cutting any of those out. You can't tell from the picture, but the majority of the lot is already cleared. We were told that anything beyond the silt fence would be our responsibility. We aren't planning on taking down any trees, just some over grown brush before the tree line.

  4. They have some great spray sealer at HD or Lowes. You will need to ventilate the house while doing it but it sprays on quickly and easily.

  5. I'm jealous of your trees :). I'm excited to see how your house progresses. Good Luck!