Friday, July 19, 2013


Today we caught the them pouring the footers at the lot. Later in the day we went back over so we could check it out and so I could snag some photos. Dustin says that it looks small and I told him that according to other blogs that everyone says the same thing- Lot 29, which is one lot over from ours, is going up at the same time as ours. The PM told us this at the meeting. They had their lumber delivered today so I'm thinking that ours will be here soon also. There are two other homes that are near ours that have had lumber for a bit now and I think they will be framing soon. All together that makes 7 homes in our neighborhood alone that our PM is covering. He also has a few others in other neighborhoods. Is it normal for project managers to take on that many homes at once? Just wondering...Anyways, there hasn't been any news from NVR, maybe next week. I'm looking forward to seeing the walls poured next week too.


  1. We thought our house looked small too...when it was staked, we said Wow, that's small. When they dug the basement we said, wow that's small...when they poured the footings and walls we said, well maybe it's not that small and when they framed it...we said holy smokes that house is big.

    I've seen a Venice model and they are good sized homes.

  2. Our lumber was delivered really early - when our footers were being poured, and that's not necessarily a good thing. It was sitting in rain (on and off) for 3 weeks! We asked them multiple times to cover it and they kept saying "that's what it's designed for"! Anyway, hope the weather will be much more cooperative now.
    I don't know much about home building, as this is our first time, but I would worry too if a PM is handling a zillion homes. But I think that's how it is! Try not to worry but make sure he is not slacking and is on top on communication. After all that's what we care about....right?!