Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is starting to feel real....Guardian and Rite Rug appointment

So I have to admit that it's been a little unreal to me when I think about owning our own home and even more unbelievable that we will be building a new home! We have been renting for so long and it has really kept me from putting personal touches into existence. However I can honestly say that this  is all starting to feel real and I couldn't be happier. The thought of my family being in our new home makes me so full of joy! The twins and Shel love going to the model home and they have been talking about what they want in their rooms. As a mom this makes me feel so good to know that they are as happy and excited as I am. I really want the best for our family and I know this is it! I hope I hear good news from NVR this week, but either way I'm going to trust God no matter what :)

Ok, so we had our apt with Guardian and Rite Rug yesterday. I would say that both appts went well, except that we added things that we didn't intend on adding originally. No worries though because all in all they were good investments.

First was Guardian and Brian was the rep who laid it all out for us. I was floored at how much home security has advanced. I had no clue that a security system could tell if someone was breaking a window in your house! Call me nerd, but I think that is rad! So we decided to have Guardian security installed and included the glass break monitoring. I feel good about it and can't complain one bit about spending the additional money because keeping my family safe is priceless. We also decided to have TV mounted in the family room, this is a guy thing, but glad because it will eliminate those awful cords. Cable in the family room, basement, and master bedroom. Data lines in the living room (office) and family room. Phone line in the kitchen. This experience was pleasant and painless, and Brian was super.

Next on the list was our appt with Debra at Rite Rug and she was great, she really knows her stuff and she is also fun. We ended up bring along Shel and the twins- Ummmmm, this was a test to make sure my anxiety meds were working lol...They weren't bad, but they were into everything! Debra was fine about it and even went straight Mommy on them at one point which was great because they listened immediately...Anyways I thought I had my mind made up before getting to the appointment, well that's what I get for thinking. Again everything we upgraded made sense and will be a good investment.  We upgraded the Hardwood to the 3 1/4" Mocha, which is a warm dark brown and it's beyond beautiful! Can't wait to see this on the floor. We also upgraded the carpet and padding in the living room and family room to a Level B, the color is also Mocha something, and it's a brown. I would have liked a light carpet to contrast with the hardwood, but that's just not realistic with our kiddos. The upgraded carpet will also be on the stairs and upstairs...This upgrade is definitely worth it because it will be stain resistant and also have a 10 yr warranty. Next is the secondary bath and we chose to have the floor and the bath surrounded with Level A tile in almond. I think it will look nice with the white grout,white tub, toilet and vanity. The laundry room is vinyl, not sure of the name, but it's a reddish brownish color. The master bath will also have tiled floors and surround. We had already planned on a Level C upgrade for this. We picked the Truffle tile with the Antigua calypso accent listello. The twins were right up in the mix at this time and I was a little frustrated because I wasn't able to really focus, but I like my choices. The truffle is a darker brown tile and the accent is beautiful, it's a mixture of tans and golds and has an iridescent sheen to it. Really looking forward to seeing this all together. The final selection was the basement carpet and we stuck to the base carpet in a color similar to the Mocha in the rest of the house. All in all I can say that I'm happy with the choices, just shocked that everything we selected was brown, I hope it all looks ok in the end and not an overload of brown.

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