Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm just sayin...

So we have appointments with both Guardian and Rite Rug on Friday. I already know that we are going to need additional cable jacks installed – i.e. the garage…We also want more info regarding their alarm/security. Better safe than sorry, right?? The appt with Rite Rug is another story. I’ve already requested a list of options from Rite Rug so I would have an idea about what to expect, but really it just made me more anxious about the appointment!

I talked to our SR about making our final selections also. She told me to make sure I get the costs from both appointments so I can make my final selections and get the construction ball rolling. Once the final selections are made and confirmed they can start the ordering process for our house. Within the following 30 days is when they will start grading the lot and lumber should be delivered about the 3rd week… Holla!!

I know we haven’t gotten the formal approval from NVR, but from what I’ve read via blogs is that they normally start the construction anyways which is fine with me because the sooner the better!

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