Friday, June 7, 2013

The beginning of our Venice...the entire reason behind my urge to blog.

Let me begin "The beginning of our Venice" by admitting that I have never, not even once, at any time felt the need to create a blog....until we made the decision to build with Ryan Homes.

It all started in May when we finally stopped by the Ryan Homes Model in our area. After that day the addiction of choosing options and understanding the process began. I have read so many blogs about others sharing the details and experiences while building their home, and to be honest I'm hooked! So with that being said, I am inspired to have my own blog to record the process and maybe even help someone else that has the same uncontrollable curiosity as myself. I already write EVERYTHING in my day planner, so this is the same concept, only public :)

May 20, 2013 - The model and the list of options


So we've been looking to buy a home for a about 12 weeks at this point. We were searching the net for homes in our area, driving through neighborhoods that we like, stopping at the homes that have the information papers available and then laughing at either the ridiculous pricing or at the ridiculous interior. Seriously what are some people thinking?? Well after a few good laughs and an afternoon with no kids we decided to stop by the Ryan Homes model in a nearby neighborhood. We were greeted with the Sales Rep, Jessica,  opening the door and exclaiming, "Welcome home!". She let us walk around and "oh" and "ah" amongst ourselves. Well it was mainly me making all the noises. Anyways, after checking things out thoroughly we left for home. A few days went by and we ended back at the model home and looked around once more before letting the SR know that we were really interested. This is when we put a hold on the lot we wanted and answered a few questions about options. I asked the SR if there was a list of options that I could have and go over at home over the weekend to get a better idea about what I wanted. This is when the obsession started.

Coming into this I was as cool as a cucumber. I like to see myself as a kinda "go with the flow" type of gal. Others, including my newly obtained husband would beg to differ. He might would say that I'm a full serving of crazy paired with a generous portion of OCD, but who cares what other people think right? Right! Ok, so I was relaxed and nonchalant before starting the "options" project. Once I had that list of options I had to know precisely what these options looked like in other Ryan Homes. I have spent so much time looking at pictures and reading these blogs! I wanted to know what options others had chose and how these looked put together in the finale, and if they loved it or didn't. All of the information helped me decide on my options, which I will list in a separate post because I want to add pictures and ideas - I'm a nerd and can entertain myself for hours!

Anyways, we signed the sales agreement on May 20th. Our SR Jessica is super and I want to be her bff because she is funny and smart, but I know it will never work because we are in different places in our lives. I'm a cat person and have a husband and kids, she is single and likes dogs...just won't work, sad shame...ANYWAYS, we left the model home with a signed sales contract and high hopes about our future home. A home that would be built with our custom options, in a neighborhood that we love! Excited!!! I can hardly wait!

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  1. I hear you on not having the urge to want to write a blog. I've found writing our blog has kept me sane and very engaged in the process. There were some times in the beginning I might have strangled someone if I didn't have an outlet. I'm an extremely impatient person. Don't like to sit still...more of a doer.