Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some visuals- pictures of our selections

Maple Hazelnut Glaze cabinets in the kitchen

Santa Cecilia Granite- I hope ours is like this and not gold

Mocha Hardwoods- kitchen, morning room, foyer, and powder room 
Level B Collinsville Mocha froth- family room, living room, upstairs.

Stratford Place truffle fields tile in master bath- our BR is different but this shows what the tile looks like
Calypso accent tiles for master bath

 This is the set up for the master bath.

Maple honey cabinets for bathrooms
white cultured marble vanity top for bathrooms
this is the kitchen and morning room in a model home
Venice elevation k- our stone will only be on the bottom of the house and wont go up the front like shown.


  1. Love your selections. I might be a bit partial because they are similar to what we did. Your home is going to be beautiful.

    We did the same thing IRT looking at resale. There is hardly any inventory out there and everything we looked at was dated and overpriced. With RH we didn't get a complete custom home but we did get a lot of options. Not to mention they can build a house in under a year and aren't going to go bankrupt half way through and with all our money.

    I'm looking forward to see your home come to life. Welcome to the RH eFamily.

  2. I'm so excited to see your comment! Thank you.

  3. Great choices. We looked around for a year at resales and then stumbled into a model NEVER thinking we could build what we wanted. It has taken longer than planned but in the end it will be worth it. Welcome to the blogging world, we have all become a little family so feel free to vent or complain as well as get excited and fall in love with your soon to be new home.