Friday, September 27, 2013

Yesterday and today

Since my last post there has been a ton of activity at not only our house, but also at our neighbors house. Yesterday when we got to the house we were surprised to see a whole herd of people including our future neighbors. The framing crew basically had their entire house framed in a day. It was wild to see how fast they were moving. Since the weather was awesome we stood on the sidewalk and watched them put everything up. Meanwhile the crew at our house was putting up the interior doors, trim, stair rails, and cabinets. Our street was buzzing with people.

Today they poured our driveway, sanded the drywall, and sprayed a coat of paint. The concrete crew also poured the neighbors garage and another driveway on our street. Things are moving along and the ticker is counting down. We are getting closer and closer, yay!
I had to battle husband to get these cabinets.

these are pretty- would love to have the metal ones someday.

 I really love the front door


  1. I obviously LOVE the cabinets!!!

  2. Hi Lindsay, just found your blog! Love the cabinets! I have the same color and love them. Love the Door!
    We built a Rome in Maryland. Feel free to follow our journey. Look forward to seeing it all come together.

  3. I think you will come to love love love those cabinets, I went with the espresso cabinets and they are always always dirty!! wish I would have gone with your made the right choice!!! Would shoulda coulda huh?
    I also have the metal ballisters and it is on my fav things in the house!! someone posted on here a DIY way to do it yourself!! it can be done.

  4. I just found your blog! I reeeally like the cabinet color, we are building a Venice now and have picked the espresso cabinets but I was debating on the white! Looking forward to more updates on your house and any words of wisdom! You can check out our venice to!

  5. I have the hazelnut cabinets also. It was a custom request when we purchased our Ryan Home last year. I cannot find hardware that seems to look good with these cabinets. We are leaning towards the oil rubbed birdcage hardware. I had purchased brushed nickel handles (pulls) that I saw in another builder's model, but they did not look good with these cabinets. Have you decided on hardware yet?