Thursday, September 19, 2013

I blinked and...

Ok, since yesterday they have finished the deck off of the morning room- gonna spend a ton of time out there. They also started putting up the siding, poured concrete in the garage and at the front door. There were guys inside hanging drywall so we couldn't go in, but I think all the floors are either done or almost done. I didn't take any pictures because it was getting kinda dark, but I will get some tomorrow.

I stopped by the model home after work and told our SR that I was worried about 4 houses in a row on our street using the same colors (pebble clay/sandy tan & sandy tan/pebble clay). I know that the shutters and door will be different, but still felt a little worried. I was also worried about the Kentucky stone that we selected because our neighbors right beside us picked the same stone. Our stone will only be around the bottom of the house, but theirs is up the front (elevation K). After telling our SR that I was worried she said she would talk to the PM and see if we could get the stone changed to either the Charlestown brick or maybe even the English stone. I hope that she can pull it off because I think I prefer the brick. If it doesn't work out it will be okay though.

I'm just really happy that things are moving along and really happy that our SR has been such a big help with all these changes the past few weeks.
A picture of the beginning of the deck yesterday

Charlestown brick
English stone


  1. Yay for progress!
    Both the brick and the stone are beautiful choices but so is your original one.. If your neighbors have different elevations or different models, I wouldn't worry too much about having similar color schemes.

  2. Hi Lindsay, just found your blog through another blogger. I like the brick choice. It's really pretty. Hopefully you get your pick so that your home will not be so close to the other houses.

    We built a Rome in Maryland. Please feel free to visit our site at and click on our join button! It will allow us to follow your progress.

    btw--the granite for the kitchen varies in pattern/color. No matter which option you choose it is going to depend on the pattern/color that come into the warehouse on the day they cut your template. You may want to see if your area will consider allowing you to pick out your granite at the warehouse. Some areas will allow it and others don't. The St. Cecilia comes in three distinct colors: light, medium and dark which has a lot gold. I was very happy to get the medium which matches my two tone kitchen. I have to admit, the darker choice is very, very dark. I have seen it in some kitchens were it's way too much and other kitchens it looked beautiful based on the colors of the cabinet, floors, appliances etc.