Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let me tell you...

Let me tell you how excited I was to see a bunch of boxes sitting inside the house today! I wanted to rip the boxes open! I took a little peek and got a glimpse of the kitchen cabinets. Also there was some exterior plumbing done and there is a huge trench in the back yard. The drywall had a second coat of mud yesterday so I am hoping that they will be back to sand and maybe get a coat paint on before the end of the week. The garage door was installed at the start of the week (any readers please tell me what you think of the almond trim). The PM also confirmed that the exterior siding wasn't right because the crew was going by the plans for the elevation K and ours is going to be an elevation K lite- which means the stone is only around the base of the house. We also got word today that the change in stone was approved. We couldn't get the brick because to have brick there would've had to been a ledge added when the foundation was poured. So now we will have the English stone instead of Kentucky. The English is darker, but still is nice. It wasn't a huge deal that our stone was going to be the same as our neighbors, but I figured I would make an attempt to have it changed and to my surprise it was approved. Our SR said, "It was against all odds".

My countdown ticker is at 35 days (right?) and I am soooo ready. We haven't received the letter from NVR settlement giving us a confirmed closing date, but I hope it is still 11/1 as originally anticipated. This townhouse is getting smaller by the minute and it is the worst! I feel like clawing at the walls to escape. I cannot wait to have my own space. Right now our 5 year old twins are sharing our room with us and it has gotten really, really old. I am so thankful that God has made this all possible and I pray that everything continues to work out well. I don't think I am worthy of having this home, but I promised God that I would do better if he could just see that this happens :)


Here are the maple hazelnut glazed cabinets in all their glory :)


  1. I love those cabinets, I wanted light cabinets but my husband won the fight with espresso. I also LOVE your garage door! I feel the same about the living situation, I have a 6 and 3 year old and they share a room with me right now while DH sleeps in a twin bed. Not the best scenario and I am SO wanting to be in a house, living with the in-laws, basically out of 2 rooms is getting really old! You are getting SOOOO close!

    1. It was a battle to get those cabinets! I have to make sure that I NEVER complain about wiping fingerprints or anything else off of the cabinets or else I will have to hear the dreaded "I told you so" from my husband...Things have really come a long way in the past few weeks, but yet the end still feels so far away. Just so anxious and excited!