Friday, August 23, 2013

Hi, my name is Debbie

92- Is the number of days since our initial meeting with NVR Mortgage.
8- Is the number of days it's been since I last spoke to our LP at NVR- and she didn't have answers.
7- Is the number of weeks it's been since our Pre-Construction meeting and still no framing.
2- Is the number of questions that we asked at our Pre-Construction meeting.
0- Is the number of answers that we received about the 2 questions asked at the Pre-Con meet.
70- Is the number of days that are left until the original closing date that we were given.
1025- Is the amount that we will have to pay for an extra months rent if we don't close on time.

Ok, so I know that I have been a Debbie Downer lately, but it's hard to be happy, happy, happy when RH and NVR is either giving us bad news or no news. We still haven't heard anything from NVR. Last week our PM told me that framing would start this week, then when I emailed him last night he said that the framing crew was behind but our home was going to be started today, and then this afternoon he emailed me and said that now it will be Tuesday before they start. I am stressing out because we are clearly behind and if the closing date gets pushed out it means that we will have to pay an additional month of rent- And I don't want to do that!!!

I just really want things to work out- I don't like being negative and I know it's not personal because the others building around us are in the same boat.


  1. We all have had Debbie downer moments on these blogs trust me I was the queen of throwing people under the bus at the beginning of our build it went so slowly I almost canceled the contract but when it starts it will go by so quickly! I am praying you get a call from NVR soon or get a new lender as backup just in case!

    1. Thanks for understanding :) I talked to the lender that we had previously lined up before we decided to try NVR and they said everything was gonna be fine.

  2. I second that. We had our doubts and even had some strong words with the NVR branch manager and area GM. In the end, we couldn't be happier with our new home. According to the counter on our blog it has been 28 days and 10 hours. Wow, time flies! I just scheduled our 30 day for next week. My point... I barely remember the issues we had in the beginning...can't really tell you how we got through them but can't be happier that we did. Just like when I got my first couldn't get me to give up or sell this house. We fall more in love with it everyday. Hang in there, it is worth it.

  3. Ugh, I am so sorry :( I can somewhat relate to the waiting from the bank. Our construction loan took FOREVER. The appraisal alone took almost one month from the requested date and all we got was "oh, the appraiser had a family emergency.. (ok, that was fine)...then it was, she had to turn her computer off because of a storm (seriously?) , then it was she was sick.

    I can only imagine how frustrated you are since it's the builder delays on top of your financing! I hope they pull it together and start soon. Maybe if they push the date back they can credit you for the monthly rent payment? I would definitely be mentioning that to your PM.

  4. So sorry about the situation, but as others have mentioned we too had our share of frustrations in this process. Trust me, you'll get over these things soon. I know its easier said than done....but hang in there!