Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy, not so Happy

Since my last post they have poured the walls, removed the forms, waterproofing was completed, and the plumbing rough in was done. I spoke to our PM yesterday and he informed me that the plumbing was inspected and approved and that this week would consist of prepping for the slab to be poured and next week framing would start :)

It's been 82 days since our initial meeting with NVR Mortgage and we have yet to receive an approval - our LP has kept communication going and I don't blame her, but I sent an email today letting her know that we need an answer. My husband doesn't ususally get involved with these things, but he even made a phone call to NVR yesterday which completely shocked me. It didn't help that no one returned his call. I really want to be excited, but it's hard to overcome the worries about NVR :(


  1. Hey Lindsay...good to know things are moving along at the site.
    Based on our experience with NVR I'd say don;t worry! They slack in returning calls. But I think they would have called you if there was a problem. So maybe it's a good sign that they did not. Fingers crossed for ya!

  2. Sorry NVR is being a pain :( But YAY for walls!!!! That's exciting to start seeing it go up! can't wait to see the framing!

  3. Our experience with NVR wasn't quite good, in fact our LO didn't even send our documents to the LP, until we asked what was going on.. We almost ended up using QuickenLoans! But then our LO's manager contacted us and he became our point of contact for NVR. Things improved a lot since then.

    1. We found out yesterday that our original LO is no longer with NVR and she also didn't pass along certain documents that I provided to the LP. Our LP has been great the entire time and I know it's not her fault. Her manager is involved now also. I just want some piece of mind!

  4. In our area, Ryan homes do not break ground until our loan gets approved though.